Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Reinhold Lang

Professor in General, Visceral, laparoscopy and Robotic Surgery


  • Name: Reinhold Andreas Lang, Prof., Dr. med., Dr. h. c., MHBA
  • Family status: married to Andrea Lang, October, 5th 2002
  • Child: Barbara Christina, date of birth: February, 21st 2003
  • Child: Franziska Katharina, date of birth: February, 14th 2005
  • Child: Johanna Theresia, date of birth: July, 25th 2006
  • Nationality: German
  • Date of birth: June, 5th 1970
  • Place of birth: Munich
  • Father: Franz Xaver Lang, deceased, authorized officer, Prestel, publishing company
  • Mother: Helga Lang, instructor for tradesman


Surgeon (2003), University of Munich, Department of Surgery, Klinikum Großhadern, Chief Surgeon / Professor in ordinary: Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. mult. K.-W. Jauch

2011-2013 Chief Surgeon for General and Visceral Surgery at Kreiskliniken Unterallgäu Since 2013 Chief Surgeon at Klinik GmbH Weilheim and Schongau


1976 – 1980    Primary school, Konrad-Celtis-Grundschule, Munich 

1980 – 1989    Grammar school, Klenze-Gymnasium, Munich

24. 06. 1989    General qualification for university entrance

1991 – 1998    Academic studies, Human medicine, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich

12. 05. 1998    Final degree, medical scientist

1998                Intern for surgery, University of Munich, Klinikum Großhadern 

2000                 Emergency physician

2002                Medical specialist for fire fighters 2003                        Surgeon

2010                Specialist for Visceral Surgery 2010                        Specialist for Nutritional Medicine 

2011                Specialist for Proctology

2013                Master of Health Business Administration (MHBA); Academic study 2016                                                                                  Specialist for Intensive Care Medicine


English:           7 years, grammar school

2 month internship, Molins Ltd., Sounderton, Great Britian

4 month, final year student, Internal Medicine, The University of Texas, USA Latin:   

5 years, grammar school

Latin:   5 years, grammar school


June 1989 - August 1990 Scout, army, 4. Panzeraufklärungsbatallion 10, Ingolstadt, Germany


Experimental studies of bowel anastomoses in laparoscopic surgery


Since 1992      Study group „Minimal Invasive Surgery“, University of Munich, Department of Surgery

Since 1998      Study group „Gastrointestinal Function Testing Laboratory“, University of Munich, Department of Surgery

Since 1999      Course    instructor    „Abdominal    Sonography“,     University    of    Munich, Department of                               Surgery

Since 2001      Course instructor „Minimal Invasive Surgery“, University of Munich, Department of Surgery

Since 2007      Course instructor „Minimal Invasive Surgery“, Aesculap-Academy, Germany Since 2009                                      TEAM,  founder  member  of  the  Transluminal  and  Endoscopic  Association

                          Munich, interdisciplinary research group for NOS, NOTES and interventional

                          endoscopic procedures

Since 2009      Associate Professor for Surgery, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, University of Munich,                                       Klinikum Großhadern

Since 2016      Professor for Surgery, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, University of Munich, Klinikum                                         Großhadern

Since 2017      Doctor honoris causa of Tbilisi State Medical Universitiy AWARDS AND SCIENTFIC HONORS

1999 Award for extraordinary activities for the grammar school „Klenze-Gymnasium” 

2004 Poster award of CAES (Surgical consortium for Endoscopy and Sonography) 

2008 Jens-Kirsch-Award, STARR procedure, German Association - Coloproctology


1985 – 1995     Leader of altar servers / catholic youth groups, choir leader, St. Achaz, Munich 

1991 - 2011      Volunteer firefighter

2001 – 2004     Chairman of conservative´s chapter, CSU, Straßlach-Dingharting 

2002 - 2008      Town Council

2006 - 2008      Leader of paramedics „First Responder“, auxiliary fire brigade, Straßlach