After record low flu season in Australia, US hopes for the same

(CNN)Australia and other countries in the Southern Hemisphere just finished their easiest flu seasons on record, and the United States and other nations in the Northern Hemisphere could have an easy time, too -- if people get flu shots, practice social distancing and wear masks.

"This could be one of the best flu seasons [we've had]," Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told the Journal of the American Medical Association in August. "Particularly if [people] do one more thing, and that is to embrace the flu vaccine with confidence."

It's never been more important to keep flu at bay, since this fall and winter there will be Covid-19 outbreaks in addition to the flu.

Along with getting a flu shot, Redfield urged people to wear masks, social distance, wash their hands and be smart about crowds.

If Americans choose not to follow the advice, he told WebMD, the nation could experience the "worst fall" in US public health history