MD. Nana Egiashvili
Clinical Scientist

Doctor of Medicine, Cardiologist and Radiologist


1996-1998          Tbilisi State Institute of Advance 1 Medical studie Clinical ordinate-Cardiologist

1995-1996            Post Graduate Education in the field of Cardiology of Cardiology   at the institute

                                   of Cardiology-Cardiologist

1989-1995            Tbilisi State Medical University, Tbilisi, Georgia,

Continuing    Medical  education

02-04 September 2017             Course    of    Echocardiography

12-16 September 2016              Training program of teachers (trainers)

11-13  February    2013               Medical management certified training   (ISO   9001:2008)

May  2009                                      Good clinical Practic (GCP)

28-30 October   1999                   Tbilisi, Georgia-European Congress Organization (ECOR)

                                                         Education and training program entitled “New Horizons for Ultrasound                                                                                                                                                                                          Techniques in Clinical Cardiology” 

Experience in clinical trials:  

 9 years experience in clinical trials. Principal Investigator in 2011-2013-2nd

Phase of one Clinical Trial in Cardiology and Study coordinator in 2006-2013-3 rd phase of Clinical        

Trail in Cardiology

Work  Experience:

2015-to present: The First  University Clinic, Tbilisi, Georgia Ultrasonographyst

2010-to present: LTD  Medical  diagnostic center    “Samgori  Medi”, Tbilisi, Georgia Cardiologist-Ultrasonographyst

2002-to 2019:   LTD “Adapti” clinic of Angiocardiology-Base Clinic of Georgian Heart, Foundation, Tbilisi, Georgia Cardilogist-Ultrasonographyst

1999-2002: LTD  “Samkurnalo Kombinati”, Tbilisi, Georgia Cardiologyst

Title of qualification     


Name of institution       Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of  Georgia

Date: 2005 30 December (passed the unified state certification Examination)      



Name  of institution     Ministry  of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of  Georgia

Date: 2001 30 August  (passed the unified state certification Examination)